It’s Back to School in Northern VA: Schedule a Dental Checkup Today!

It’s the time of year every schoolboy dreads, while his parents silently rejoice:

School will soon be back in session in northern Virginia.

One last week at the beach, family outings to the mall, new tennis shoes, fresh haircuts: You want them to look and feel their best on this brand new first day of the rest of their lives. You’ve thought of everything… well, almost. Without even thinking, many busy back-to-school parents overlook the most obvious, their precious Johnny’s most visible of features. That is, his smile.

Studies have shown that, over 90 percent of the time, it’s a person’s smile others notice first. A strong, confident smile leads to a strong, positive self-image. No matter if it’s the first day of kindergarten, middle or high school, now is the best time.

Make your child’s oral health a habit now, and always.

When parents work hard to instill good oral health habits in their children from a young age, their children will thank them — for their health, but also for the ability to make a strong first impression.

Schedule a back to school dental visit.

Going back to school is the perfect occasion to schedule one of those two yearly visits to Gainesville Dental Associates. By the time your child is enrolled is an elementary student, he should see his pediatric dentist at least twice a year. Simple preventive checkups can help ensure your child’s teeth remain clean and free from decay.

Establish daily brushing habits.

Children should brush their teeth at least twice a day. We know how challenging this can be, but there are ways to make teeth-brushing time interactive and fun. Let your child pick out his own toothbrush, or sing silly songs to pass the time. (Children over the age of two should brush with a toothpaste that contains fluoride.)

Eat healthy.

It’s all about the fruits and veggies, y’all. School-age children should have many servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Make fruit and yogurt smoothies for breakfast. Swap out the chips in his lunchbox for carrot sticks. Avoid doling out sugary drinks and cupcakes after school, and let him indulge instead in a handful of cashews. Healthier food choices make healthier teeth.

Ready to schedule your child’s back to school checkup and cleaning? Call Smilez Pediatric Dental Group Gainesville today!