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The Bitter Truth: How Sugar Can Impact Children’s Teeth and Cavities 

Impact of sugar on children's teeth Maintaining good oral health is crucial for overall well-being, especially during childhood. As parents, it’s essential to understand the potential harm that excessive sugar consumption can cause to our children’s teeth. This blog post will delve into the relationship between sugar, tooth decay, and cavities, shedding light on the importance of instilling healthy dental habits in our kids. The Learn More

19 Steps to Prevent Your Child From Getting Their First Cavity

preventative care Ensuring your child's teeth and oral health are well taken care of is essential as a parent, especially as your child's teeth are developing. According to WeschesterGov.com, more than 80% of children will have at least one cavity before they finish high school. If you are a parent concerned about your child's oral health, there is preventative care that can help reduce the risk of developing cavit Learn More

How To Get Your Child To Have Better Tooth Brushing Habits

Oral hygiene is important at any age. You should take your infant for their first general dentistry appointment as soon as their first tooth sprouts, according to Colgate. Once your children are no longer babies, they'll have to learn how to brush their teeth on their own, but it can be tough to get them into good brushing habits. Don't worry, you can help your child develop and maintain good teet Learn More