Preventive Care

Preventative Dental Care for Long-Lasting Good Oral Health

Preventive dental care is extremely important no matter how old you are. If you have regular dental checkups and practice good oral hygiene habits, then you should be able to retain a healthy and bright smile throughout your life. Our team at Smilez Pediatric Dental Group will ensure that our patients have the knowledge needed to maintain good oral health. Regular cleanings and checkups should be scheduled semi-annually to catch decay in the early stages. Detection is the key to preventing extensive damage.

Easy Ways to Prevent Plaque Build-Up and Cavities

A good rule of thumb to prevent plaque and decay is to brush your teeth 2 times per day using fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristled brush. This will ensure that trapped food particles and plaque are removed from the surface of your teeth. It is important not to miss the surface of your tongue while you are brushing, because this will remove any extra food particles that could potentially cause plaque. Brushing your tongue will ensure that your breath smells nice and fresh as well. Always make sure to maneuver the bristles to clean in between your teeth, and be sure to floss at least once daily. Fluoride mouthwash can help to kill bacteria as well, so these things used in combination will give you the best chances of keeping your oral health in optimal condition. For good oral health, eat well-balanced meals avoiding sugary snacks whenever possible. Raw vegetables, cheese, fruit, or plain yogurt are much better options.

What to Expect at Your Initial Visit

  • We will request your insurance information and a copy of your photo ID
  • You will be required to fill out health history forms
  • The dentist will review your child’s dental and medical history forms
  • Complete x-rays of your child’s mouth and teeth will be taken as necessary
  • An oral exam will be performed

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