Helping Celebrate Your Child’s Last Baby Tooth

Here at Smilez Pediatric Dental Group we get asked a lot of questions on how to handle the loss of baby teeth. We think that the tooth fairy is an excellent way to tap into your child’s young imagination and help them understand the importance of good oral health. Did you know that 59% of parents report giving extra money for the first baby tooth? This Gainesville pediatric dentist thinks that the last baby tooth should be celebrated as well!

tooth loss for kidsBaby teeth help our children chew and speak while holding space in their jaw for their adult teeth. Baby teeth begin to emerge when your child is about six months old, and the last one can stick around until they are twelve. That’s why it’s so important to take good care of those baby teeth!

The age when your child begins losing their teeth will vary, but on average it occurs around six and a half years old. Over the course of about six or seven years, your child will lose all twenty of their baby teeth. These baby teeth are replaced by twenty-eight to thirty-two permanent teeth. With the exception of the wisdom teeth, all permanent teeth should be in place by the time your child is thirteen.

Even though the tooth fairy typically gives money, there are many other traditions that can be just as fun, especially for the last tooth lost. Try one of the following:


  • Leave something a little different under their pillow such as gold coins, a $2 bill or a special note from the tooth fairy.
  • Consider having your child create a specially decorated envelope or box to keep their tooth in. Encourage them to write a note asking the tooth fairy to allow them to keep their last baby tooth.
  • Have your child write down special tips for other children. This might include information on how to properly care for their teeth or stories about their experiences with the tooth fairy.
  • Create a collage of toothless photos that you’ve gathered over the years.
  • Stay up with your child to try to “catch” the tooth fairy in the act. Once they are sleeping, sprinkle fairy dust (glitter) on their pillow.

Smilez Pediatric Dental Group knows that this is an exciting time for you and your child. Enjoy celebrating all of your hard work keeping those baby teeth healthy and clean!