How Much Toothpaste Do You Really Need?

Gainesville Pediatric Dentist Answers – How Much Toothpaste Do You Really Need?

In an effort to sell more toothpaste, ads often feature globs of toothpaste spread across the bristles of a toothbrush. While this might seem like the proper amount to use, too much toothpaste can actually do more harm than good. With about 60% of U.S. children expected to suffer from tooth decay by age five, it’s about time that someone set the record straight on the proper way to keep our kid’s teeth healthy and clean.

So how much toothpaste do you really need? Smilez Pediatric Dentist Group in Gainesville can answer that question:

All you need is a small amount of toothpaste, no bigger than a pea. That’s it. Toothpaste is used as a breath freshener and to deliver fluoride to your teeth. It’s the toothbrush that does most of the actual cleaning.

Why Less Is More

Using too much toothpaste creates too much abrasion when brushing, which can lead to tooth structure loss and gum recession. It also produces a lot of foam. That extra foam can get everywhere and make it extremely difficult to continue brushing for the recommended two minutes.

The amount of toothpaste used in commercials might be too much for an adult, but it is far too much for a child. Young children should always be monitored when brushing their teeth. Adults might want to help children apply toothpaste to their toothbrush until they develop the dexterity necessary to squeeze the correct amount. For children under two years of age, only a small smear of toothpaste should be used. Children older than two can move up to a pea sized amount.

What About Fluoride?

Young children tend to have difficulty spitting out toothpaste. When too much toothpaste is used, they could be ingesting a large amount of fluoride. It can be helpful to encourage children to rinse out their mouth with water after brushing. Even though fluoride use needs to be monitored, proper fluoridation is still considered both safe and effective.

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