Pediatric Dentists In Nokesville, VA

Welcome To Your Nokesville Pediatric Dentist

SmileZ Pediatric Dental Group is located on the same floor as the Gainesville Dental Associates Practice, the oldest and most respected practice serving patients in Gainesville, VA and surrounding areas.  Our Pediatric dentists and exceptional staff are committed to providing quality care and service to children of all ages.

Pediatric Dentists In Nokesville VAOur children’s dental practice is focused on the dental health and comfort of your children. We offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry to start children on the road to a lifetime of oral health. Our pediatric treatments include preventive care, restorative dentistry, sports dentistry, sealants, and safe and effective pediatric sedation for painless treatment.

Our children’s dentistry practice is committed to helping you care for the littlest smiles in your family. Whether you need routine dental care for your children or your child has a dental health problem, we can help. We work to provide a comfortable environment for your child and take the time to explain all treatments in language your child will understand to reduce fear and anxiety.


We know you have many choices when choosing a dentist. Therefore, we have made requesting an appointment a simple process via our website. Once made, your scheduled appointment time has been reserved specifically for you. We request 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. We are aware that unforeseen events sometimes require missing an appointment. After missing your second appointment without giving us 24 hours notice, you will be charged an additional fee.


Emergencies do occur from time to time, so our office offers assistance when necessary. You may contact one of the doctors for after hours care by calling the office at 703-947-0836. The doctor on call will respond immediately to take care of your pediatric dental concerns.

Here are some general recommendations:

  1. Toothache:
    • Rinse the mouth with warm water.
    • Use dental floss to remove any trapped food.
    • Avoid placing aspirin directly on the gums or teeth.
  2. Knocked-Out Tooth:
    • Hold the tooth by the crown (top) and rinse it gently with water if dirty.
    • Try to reinsert the tooth into the socket, but don’t force it.
    • If reinsertion is not possible, place the tooth in milk or a tooth preservation product.
  3. Chipped or Broken Tooth:
    • Rinse the mouth with warm water.
    • If there is bleeding, apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth.
    • Save any broken pieces and bring them to the dentist.
  4. Object Caught Between Teeth:
    • Gently use dental floss to try and remove the object.
    • Avoid using sharp or pointed objects that could cause injury.
  5. Lip or Tongue Injury:
    • Clean the area gently with water.
    • Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.
    • If bleeding is severe or persistent, seek medical attention.
  6. Bleeding Gums:
    • Rinse the mouth with warm saltwater.
    • Apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth if there is bleeding.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional or dentist for personalized advice based on your child’s specific situation. If you’re facing a pediatric dental emergency, seek prompt medical attention.