Why Are Children More Likely To Get Cavities?

If you have noticed that your child gets more cavities than you, you’re not alone; in fact, reports have shown that dental cavities are one of the most common infectious diseases seen in children.

But why are so many children prone to getting cavities? Here’s why cavities are an issue for our youth and how to prevent them from happening in the future.

They like sugar

Let’s be honest: we all like sugar, but your child’s sweet tooth is usually a little bigger than that of the average adult. After all, your child can probably barrel through half a bag of Halloween candy in a single sitting while the thought of that makes us feel a little queasy.

Sugar is particularly damaging to teeth since it promotes the build-up of bacteria. This is especially prevalent in sticky snacks like gummy worms and caramel. Because they stick to your child’s teeth for longer periods of time, your child is more likely to suffer from cavities when they eat sugary snacks.

They haven’t made oral hygiene a habit

It’s essential that parents brush their children’s teeth at least twice a day. Though it may seem like hurrying them off to bed is the highest priority (no one wants a sleepy and cranky toddler), this will show your child that brushing their teeth is an after-thought. If they can get away with it once, why keep on doing it in the future?

Brushing your child’s teeth regularly is important, not only for their oral well-being but for their motor skills. Your child develops fine and gross motor skills as they play and use their muscles for a variety of tasks. You might notice that your five-year-old already does a much better job at brushing their teeth than when they were three. This is simply because they have had more experience using their bodies and perfecting their brushing skills.

Going to the dentist is a chore

Many kids don’t like visiting pediatric dentists, especially if they’ve been diagnosed with cavities before. However, a licensed dentist can offer essential preventative care tips and tricks and help heal your child’s painful teeth through sealants and other procedures.

Did you know that over 40% of children will have a dental cavity by the time they reach kindergarten? When you want to ensure your child receives the best general dentistry, rely on the licensed dentists at Smilez Pediatric today. Whether in Haymarket VA, Gainesville VA or Bristow we can help your protect your child’s teeth.