Do I need to have my child’s wisdom teeth removed?

Ask around, and you’ll discover that most of the people you know had their wisdom teeth removed in their late teens or early 20s. Pediatric dental professionals hold varying opinions about how necessary wisdom tooth extraction; sometimes they need to be taken out, and sometimes they don’t.

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Have you ever wondered why they’re called wisdom teeth in the first place?

Sometime during the 17th century, people started referring to these third molars as “teeth of wisdom,” which had been shortened to “wisdom teeth” by the mid 1800s. They usually appear much later than their dental counterparts, at a time when a child is becoming wiser as he transitions into adulthood; it is generally believed that this is how they earned their name. Wisdom teeth are the only teeth that don’t have “baby tooth” versions.

If we don’t need them, why are they there?

Wisdom teeth are such that we don’t miss them when they’re not there. They’re just not necessary. So why hasn’t evolution done away with these molars? Well… it’s getting there. As much as 35 percent of the U.S. population is born without wisdom teeth, and eventually the day will come when they just aren’t there at all, because we don’t need them.

There are a few reasons your Gainesville pediatric dentist might suggest wisdom tooth extraction.

The human mouth is designed to fit 28 teeth comfortably; add four wisdom teeth and you’ve got 32. For this reason, many people have wisdom teeth that are impacted: they never emerge from the gums. This may never cause a problem for your child, or it could be the source of pain and even infection. Our Gainesville pediatric dentist will generally recommend the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, even for those currently experiencing no problems.

It might also be the case that your child’s wisdom teeth come in sideways. They’re not supposed to do that. Wisdom teeth that come in sideways can cause others to shift and lead to misalignment, pain, and damage.

Will my child be in any pain after having his wisdom teeth removed?

Some general discomfort and swelling can be expected, but when you trust your child’s mouth to our team of experienced pediatric dentists, we’ll do everything we can to make the procedure as quick, safe, and painless as it can be.

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