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How To Get Your Child To Have Better Tooth Brushing Habits

Oral hygiene is important at any age. You should take your infant for their first general dentistry appointment as soon as their first tooth sprouts, according to Colgate. Once your children are no longer babies, they'll have to learn how to brush their teeth on their own, but it can be tough to get them into good brushing habits. Don't worry, you can help your child develop and maintain good teet Learn More

How Long Should Your Child Be Brushing Their Teeth?

pediatric dentists The issue of how long your child should brush his or her teeth might have an answer that's easy to quantify, but putting it into actual practice as a parent can certainly be difficult at times. It's not uncommon for kids to not always like brushing their teeth. Sometimes, no matter what a parent does, children resist brushing their teeth. They come up with a bunch of excuses, try to delay, or refu Learn More

How To Get Whiter Teeth In Just Weeks

fluoride Teeth are often referred to as "pearly whites," giving the idea that teeth are meant to look white and bright. We live in a society where the value of your smile is measured by how perfect your teeth look. If your teeth are not as white as you want them to be, the good news is you can get help from licensed dentists that offer professional teeth whitening services. Additionally, you can use many o Learn More