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5 Times You Need to Be Concerned About Your Child’s Teeth

dentists While your child's baby teeth may begin to fall out by the time they're six years old, their early dental health still plays an important part in their overall health. Tooth decay is five times more common than childhood asthma, and kids with poor dental health are up to three times more likely to miss school as a result of dental pain. Regular brushing and dental visits are essential for keeping Learn More

How to Make Dental Care More Fun for Kids

preventative care Developing good oral hygiene habits is something that should be ingrained from a young age. Oral hygiene habits such as brushing teeth at least two times a day, daily flossing, and regular dental checkups help prevent oral health problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth infection. However, it's not easy developing these habits in kids, since they often view such things as boring cho Learn More

Preventative Dental Care for Kids: Everything You Need to Know

kids dentists Just like grown-ups, kids need preventative care to help keep their teeth in great shape. Tooth decay is up to five times more common than childhood asthma, and over 40% of kids have cavities by the time they reach kindergarten. This is a major problem because kids who develop cavities in their baby teeth are more likely to develop cavities in their permanent teeth. But what exactly goes into p Learn More