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How to Prevent Early Childhood Tooth Decay

You may have heard it referred to as baby bottle decay or baby bottle rot. Early childhood tooth decay occurs when sweetened (as well as those that are naturally sweet) liquids are left to coat the developing teeth of an infant or young toddler. Some children are more prone, genetically, to teeth troubles, but that risk increases when a child is given a bottle of milk or formula as a comfort item Learn More

Expect Unrivaled Care from the Best Pediatric Dentist in Gainesville

Establish a relationship of trust with your pediatric dentist. Drs. Swenson, Amante, and Bhatti, along with their team of the best hygienists in Gainesville are committed to protecting your child's smile from birth to adulthood. Together we'll develop an age-appropriate plan for routine, preventive — and when necessary, restorative dental care: Exams and tooth development assessment for infan Learn More

From Birth Through Childhood, Good Oral Hygiene Starts With You

Your baby is never too young to benefit from a clean and healthy mouth. Before he has even a single tooth, you can clean his mouth. Use a warm, wet cloth or a damp piece of gauze after every feeding to wipe his gums clean. Introduce a baby friendly toothbrush as soon as that first chomper comes through; it's fun for him to chew and play on, and teaches good habits straight away. Once he re Learn More